Brandon’s Bootcamp Breakdown

My name is Brandon Leibowitz and I currently reside in Los Angeles, California.  I have been living here nearly my entire life and I love it here!  There is so much to do, the weather is always nice, and you can’t beat those beaches.

But beside the point, I wanted to give you a little background information on myself.  I am a graduate of California State University of Long Beach with my Bachelor of Science in Business. My focus was in Business Marketing, which I have always enjoyed as a child.

In High School I began to tune my marketing skills by starting a clothing company.  I started on with Guerrilla marketing; hitting the streets and selling to my friends, family, neighbors, and anyone I came in contact with.  Once people started to recognize the brand I reached out to local clothing shops to see if they would carry my line of clothing.  This was frustrating, as most places do not want to take on a new line, especially one made by a teenager.  This was a hurtle I had to overcome and my parents were there to assist me throughout the way.  After some haggling and struggling to get picked up finally I got a call back from a storeowner interested in carrying my clothing.

Unfortunately, a few months after getting into my first store i went away to college and began to focus more on my studies and let the clothing company die down.  I began to take more business classes and realized that I wanted to stay in the world of business.  I decided to get my degree in marketing and hoped to design billboards and print media.

When I graduated from college in 2007 I began to look for jobs and came to find out that print media was dying fast and there were not many jobs open in that field.  Rather, digital was starting to pick up and became more well known.  I was lucky enough to have a great company, Lantor Ltd., to hire me for search engine optimization (SEO).  I knew as much about SEO as they did; which was next to nothing.

Over my years there I attended many seminars from top internet marketing experts, read many books, and engulfed myself in the forums.  My staying up to date and constantly reading about marketing online helped me to realize that there was a lot of potential in this field.  So I decided to stop focusing on print and solely focus on digital marketing.

Since then I have built and maintained many successful internet companies using my proven methods. I have reached top positions in search engines for highly competitive keywords by using my search engine optimization skills.

If you want to connect with me you can email me at


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